LifeDonor USA Foundation
Gifts of Life - Gifts of Love

 Vision: That there be no organ recipient waiting list except for criteria of organ matches.

 Mission: To increase the number of donors and decrease the number of Americans waiting for life saving organs

 What You Can Do:

Encourage family discussions of organ and tissue donation so that your family members know each other's wishes about donation.

Register with both the Arizona Registry and the national donor registry The Living Bank.

Volunteer to staff education booths at various locations for increased awareness of the need for considering organ donation as a charitable act. 

Schedule a donor program at an organization of which you are a member. 

Contact your employer for an awareness campaign at your workplace. 

Contact your place of worship regarding a Donor Sabbath. 

To schedule a program or for more information on arranging an education campaign, please phone 520-887-7847 or email


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